First, understand why you are writing a post.

Write a PostThe reason to write a post is to increase the footprint of your website. Second reason to write a post is to create stuff that people are looking for and create viral content. Search engines love fresh information and they try to match what people type in with information on the internet. If you write a post that seems like the most relevant and closely matching to what someone is looking for you have a good chance of someone coming to your site, which is what everyone wants.  To plan this out can be a Project well worth your while.

When writing a post there are a few simple guidelines you should try to follow.

Heading Tags

Each page should have a single <H1> tag,  This is usually your page title.  The page title should start with the key phrase.  Try to additionally have your key phrase appear in an <H2> tag as well.  With WordPress heading tags are part of the drop down menu included with the paragraph and address tags.

The Title

When you are creating your post keep the Title to 70 characters or less and use the keyword phrase in it. Second, have at least 4 words in the Title.

The Description

Keep the description to no more than 150 characters and try to have your keyword phrase toward the beginning of the description.

The Excerpt

Select a section of the post that is of particular interest to the reader. Try to make sure the keyword phrase is in the excerpt and don’t finish the sentence or idea in the excerpt, make them come to the post to find out how the idea is finished.

The Body

When you write a post you need to make it about a single idea and this idea needs to be related to your keyword phrase. When writing a post you need to use this keyword phrase to represent approximately 5% (1 out of 20) words in your post. Bold your keyword phrase the first time you use it in the body for emphasis. When you write a post do not over do it with the keyword phrase or search engines will think you are “stuffing” the article.

Make sure you post at least 300 words and include a link referencing another part of your website or another website every 100 to 120 words. Make sure the referenced links are relevant to your keyword phrase and if you reference another website, link to one of their interior pages, not their home page.

Anchor Text

Anchor Text is the actual text that is in a link.  As mentioned in the previous paragraph, you should have about 1 link for every 100-120 words.  Quite often you will see people use “read more” or “click here” as their link.  This has no SEO value.  Instead, make the link text that is about the other page.  Have your text be the key phrase of the page you are pointing to.  So if you link is point to the page optimized for “project management” have the link text be “project management“.

Images and Video

Google likes images and video.  Whenever possible try to make sure you add an image or video to your page or post.  When adding images and video make sure you use the alt text and title attributes to help the search engines know what the video or image are about.  Make sure your keywords are in these attributes.

So what subject are you going to talk about when you write a post?

You are trying to answer the most popular questions people ask when they call someone in your industry and you want to look like a subject matter expert in your field or business. When you write a post try not to make it a sales pitch, create it in the third person and as if you were unbiased.

So here are some ideas to use when you write a post:

  • Write a  post separately for each of your keyword phrases
  • Write a post separately for each of the top 10 to 20 questions people ask when calling someone for a WIDGET
  • What is the difference between a WIDGET and a GADGET
  • What is the difference between a COMMERCIAL WIDGET and a RESIDENTIAL WIDGET
  • What are the most important features that a WIDGET should have
  • Key features every WIDGET should have
  • What are the top 5 questions to ask a WIDGET seller
  • When do you need a WIDGET
  • What are the 5 biggest mistakes people make when buying a WIDGET
  • What is the latest news in the WIDGET industry
  • How to decide if you should buy a new or used WIDGET
  • When to replace your existing WIDGET
  • What problems will a WIDGET solve

Briefly on Permalinks

Depending on your web authority if you have the ability to change the Permalink to match your Keyword Phrase you need to do so. This will help in getting your articles recognized as relevant. An example would be


  1. Keep the post to 1 central idea usually one of your keyword phrases.
  2. Use the keyword phrase in the Title, Description, Excerpt, and in the body about every 20th word.
  3. Minimum of 300 words
  4. Hyperlink to another page on you website or the interior page of another site about every 100-120 words.

Hopefully this will help you with your Search Engine Optimization