Web Data Flow

Similarities of a drive thru restaurant and web data flow.

Think of your web browser as your car.  You drive up to a window and place an order for a web page.  Apache (which is what is known as a Web Server) takes your order and asks the Chef (in this case PHP) to put your order together.  PHP is a programming language and uses WordPress (which is written in PHP) as a Recipe for how to make your order.  The Chef then goes to the Refrigerator (Database such as MySQL) to get the ingrediants (data).  The Chef (PHP) then puts everything together in the right order and uses some seasonings (CSS, HTML) to make your order taste (Look) good.  He might also put some condiments in your bag (JavaScript) so that you can custimize your order when you get home.  Final the Chef (PHP) hands the bag back to your order taker (Apache) and your order taker hands your order out the window back to you.

Note that you never went into the restaurant (server).  For security purposes the owner of the restaurant does not allow anyone inside because there are a lot of bad people that might try to steal or break things.

The Restaurant Manger (Control Panel) is an administrator.  He makes sure that everyone is acting the way they are suppose to.  The Chef (PHP) is filling the orders that the order taker asks for.  The order taker is only filling order that are on the menu.  The refrigerator stays stocked with all the right ingredients and we have all the right seasonings so the food tastes good.


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