social media attention

Amazing information on Social Medias change in Peoples attention. More video is downloaded to YouTube every 2 months than all of the video from NBC, CBS and ABC combined since 1948 when ABC first started broadcasting. Those three stations combined have 10 million unique visitors every month. They have been around a combined 200 years. 250 million unique visitors to Facebook, YouTube and MySpace every month. None of these sites existed 8 years ago.

I was recently at a networking event and met a lady in sales. We started talking and I asked her if she was on Facebook. She said “No I don’t do that, I don’t want people knowing my personal stuff”. Interesting, I’m not in sales, but I always thought the salespeople that did the best had a personal relationship with their clients. Facts about Facebook. 500 million profiles on Facebook. If it was a country it would be the Third largest behind China and Indian and ahead of the United States. 150 million or 48% of the United States population has a Facebook account (basically 1 out of 2).

Technology has created an amazing tool for the people that are willing to adapt.  When I complete this article I will click publish and it will be distributed to my Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogger, Google Buzz, and many, many others.  The end result will be that at the click of a button I have reminded thousands of people that I am around and that I think about technology and social media.

Somewhere out there is the last person to adopt the fax machine, the last person to adopt email, the last person to adopt the cell phone, text messaging and now social media.  Are you going to be the last person?

I’m Darren E. Squires  SEO Strategist and Social Media consultant.

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